The Genesis

In February 2022, Maven Global announced the launch of its latest utility NFT art collection – Drunken Monster Maven Club (DMMC) in OpenSea with a highly desirable collection of 10,608 randomly AI-generated art NFTs.

The Drunken Monster Maven Club is wholly owned by Maven Global, Singapore’s first NFT community where artists, entrepreneurs, and CEOs from various leading industries such as art, finance, technology, and hospitality have collaborated to create an enabling environment for Asia’s greatest minds and innovators.

Your Personal
Crypto Concierge

Singapore’s first ever crypto concierge service, MAVEN NFT partners with financial institutions to provide offline private banking style services for any crypto enthusiasts. Upon becoming a MAVEN member, you’ll receive and able to top-up MAVEN Credits, which you can redeem at our cocktail bar, events, art purchase or any of our participating vendors.

Crypto Concierge

Allow our Crypto Concierge to take care of all your crypto trading needs and listing of NFTs. Whether you require help in opening accounts for cryptocurrencies, bespoke crypto products or OTC crypto facilities, your enquires for any crypto and blockchain are our number one priority.


MAVENCredits is our own stable credits for members.
Upon joining, you will receive MAVENCredits according to your membership tier.
These credits can be redeemed on :

Food and Beverages
Venue Booking for Events
Art In Our NFT Art Gallery
Storage of Rare Spirits and Other Collectible