MAVEN x Fan Shao Hua
Mr Fan is constantly experimenting and evolving. He fuses realism with his creative ideas and representational art in his artistic expressions. He generously exploits both the Chinese techniques of ‘ink splash’ and ‘creased paper background’, and the representational art techniques in many of his compositions.

His artworks are where East meets West, and this style is constantly brought up by a level in his paintings as he applies it in various ways to different subjects. These can be seen most evidently in “The Landscape” and “The Abstract” series of paintings. Mr Fan continues to push the boundary of blending Chinese and Western techniques in his art. He gets his inspiration from nature as he strongly believes in the harmonious interactions between man and the unadulterated environment. He devotes considerable time to visit the Chinese countryside and famous mountains like Taishan in order to feel connected with nature and gain inspiration for his works.

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