Spring Waltz
MAVEN x Allen Tang
Contemporary artist and antique collectors. Through intensive research and experiments, Allen Tang redevelops a break-through technique beyond the barrier of “Oil on canvas”.

By blending his own concoction of chemical paints, he creates the effects and textures so desired. The proportion of the mixtures and layering of colours is the key for the success of the art piece. While Allen’s technique is inimitable, his painting style is exceptional. Seeking inspiration from still life and surrounding landscape, he deliberately detaches his depictions from details and real forms through the use of pure artistic elements like lines and colours, liberating his expression from mere “similarity in form” or “semblance of nature”. It visualises a delicate transformation of colour layers, from diaphanous to compact.

MAVEN x Fan Shao Hua
Mr Fan is constantly experimenting and evolving. He fuses realism with his creative ideas and representational art in his artistic expressions. He generously exploits both the Chinese techniques of ‘ink splash’ and ‘creased paper background’, and the representational art techniques in many of his compositions.

His artworks are where East meets West, and this style is constantly brought up by a level in his paintings as he applies it in various ways to different subjects. These can be seen most evidently in “The Landscape” and “The Abstract” series of paintings. Mr Fan continues to push the boundary of blending Chinese and Western techniques in his art. He gets his inspiration from nature as he strongly believes in the harmonious interactions between man and the unadulterated environment. He devotes considerable time to visit the Chinese countryside and famous mountains like Taishan in order to feel connected with nature and gain inspiration for his works.

MAVEN x Zhong Zhen Chuan
He has won numerous awards in painting and calligraphy events worldwide for his unique and self-contained artworks.

His works are amassed by heads of state, royalty, celebrities, businessmen, art galleries, and art institutions. He has been honoured with a series of stamps published in several countries based on his works. Twenty-four of his artworks were listed on the Hong Kong B-Board in 2016; and on the New York A-Board the following year. His artistic achievements and contributions to education have greatly impacted the art circles. He is renowned both at home and abroad and is well-regarded internationally as a master of ink painting. He is a Malaysian National Treasure artist.

MAVEN x Justin Lee
Justin Lee is a Singaporean visual artist and designer. He has participated in numerous artist-in-residence progammes in Japan (Fukuoka, Studio Kura-2012/14, Itoshima Art Farm-2014, and Tokyo Youkobo-2013).

After his graduation with a Diploma in Visual Arts (Fine Arts), he was one of the selected local artists trained at the Tyler Print Institute in New York. Over the years, he has participated in numerous exhibitions held in Singapore and internationally (2000-2002). As one of Singapore`s foremost pop artist whose design projects reflect a fine sense of contemporary design flavoured with an essence of Singapore traditions, Justin`s work deserves accolades as both designer and artist. His approach to design is executed with current graphic fundamentals yet reflecting traditional techniques such as his ongoing series based on paper-cutting and Chinese woodblock printing styles. The themes and imagery with which he interprets his commissioned design work underscore familiar Asian cultures with a delightful pop treatment that celebrates Asian values in an endearing tongue in cheek manner.

MAVEN x Liu Xuan Qi
Liu Xuan Qi’s artwork mainly depicts the mystic icon of the oriental stone lion and a cloud. The lion represents ones identity and the cloud represents the ever-changing times of modernity.

Explaining that during these progressing times, individuals should stay true to themselves. His artwork style merges the east and west, majorly inspired by his graphic design background which explores contemporary icons and design. In 2012, Liu Xuan Qi was awarded the platinum award at the UOB painting of the year competition. In 2021, Liu Xuan Qi’s paintings were exhibited at the UOB art gallery in Shanghai China as part of the exhibition titled “The Future is Now”.

MAVEN x Arnaud Nazare-Aga
“I want to contribute to the universal search for happiness.” Artist Arnaud Nazare Aga’s uplifting, vibrant sculptures reflect his life’s philosophy and artistic beliefs.

The purpose of art is probably one of the most heated debates in the world throughout the history of mankind. It has been argued that the purpose of art is for communicating an idea, induce social inquiry, flaunting one’s wealth or even political propaganda. However, Arnaud’s sculptures remind us of an important aspect of art: its therapeutic power; its capacity to inspire joy and healing. Arnaud’s distinctive style of vivid colours, voluptuous forms and gentle curves kindle positive feelings of delight, humour, fullness and glee. His eye-catching works typically engender conversations between viewers, thereby building natural bridges between people, as they temporarily set aside their differences and remember their shared desire for happiness in life. In a bustling world of competing worldviews and altercations, his works provide a sanctuary of tranquility and bliss.

MAVEN x Artheline

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