MAVEN x Chua Boon Kee
Chua Boon Kee is a Singapore-based sculptor who committed himself to become a full-time artist in 1996. His deep passion to fuse Chinese cultures and philosophies with his modern sculpturing expression, has enabled him to push the boundaries of sculptural forms, he becomes an artistic messenger who freely walks in Chinese and Western cultures.

Since 2000, he has participated in over 60 exhibitions in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. He is recognised by the People's Republic of China as an outstanding overseas Chinese artist. He is the winner for the SUSTAIN Project, the sculpture Flowing now permanently installed at London’s Chinatown was unveiled in September 2014. Chua Boon Kee has experimented diverse themes using various forms of traditional materials from metal to wood, stone, resin to the new industrial materials. He constantly explores new artistic realm in his culture and tradition, and combine the essence of his subject with the modern sculpture language.

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