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MAVEN x Chua Boon Kee
Chua Boon Kee is a Singapore-based sculptor who committed himself to become a full-time artist in 1996. His deep passion to fuse Chinese cultures and philosophies with his modern sculpturing expression, has enabled him to push the boundaries of sculptural forms, he becomes an artistic messenger who freely walks in Chinese and Western cultures.

Since 2000, he has participated in over 60 exhibitions in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. He is recognised by the People's Republic of China as an outstanding overseas Chinese artist. He is the winner for the SUSTAIN Project, the sculpture Flowing now permanently installed at London’s Chinatown was unveiled in September 2014. Chua Boon Kee has experimented diverse themes using various forms of traditional materials from metal to wood, stone, resin to the new industrial materials. He constantly explores new artistic realm in his culture and tradition, and combine the essence of his subject with the modern sculpture language.

MAVEN x Chng Seok Tin
Chng Seok Tin was born in 1946 in Singapore. Her interest in art began in Chung Cheng High School, first as a theatrical make-up artist for the school’s Drama Society and then as a member of the Art Society. This was for her a “wonderful time” because she was able to take part in exhibitions at the Victoria Memorial Hall.

When she graduated, she studied Western art under a distinguished art master Yeo Hwee Bin, learning still life, watercolour, oil painting, sculpture, and going on excursions to practise landscape painting and learn from nature. Chng Seok Tin is one of Singapore’s most versatile and engaging multidisciplinary artists. She educated in Singapore, UK, France and USA, as the artist and published writer she has held 26 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 100 group exhibitions since the ’70s. Featuring printmaking, drawing, painting, collage, photography, installation, and largely mixed media and sculpture following her visual impairment in 1988, Chng's art practice is distinguished by her unflagging spirit and social engagement, her works speaking powerfully of the human condition. She was named Woman of the Year 2001 by Her World magazine. In 2005, she received the Cultural Medallion for her contributions to visual arts in Singapore.

MAVEN x Hazel Lim
Hazel Lim (b. 1975) is a visual artist with a background in painting and employs text, crafting methods and drawings to create installations that delve into the production of narratives, notions of displacement, construction of histories and imaginary landscapes. In her current research on the Aesthetics of Care, Hazel is employing crafting techniques such as needlework and paper craft to investigate the utility of diagrams, image making and colour theory, whilst at the same time, interrogating the relationship of craft to the domestic and feminine.

Hazel currently leads the BA(Hons) programme in the McNally School of Fine Arts, LASALLE College of the Arts and has taken part in exhibitions showcased in Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Ireland, Germany, Austria, US and Vietnam. Hazel was an Associate Artist with Substation, Singapore from 2004-2012 and is one of the artists commissioned for Singapore Biennale 2013/2014 and showed her work entitled A Botanical and Wildlife Survey at the Singapore Peranakan Museum. She collaborated with her partner, Andreas Schlegel on a commissioned installation work, The Oort Cloud and the Blue Mountain for The Children Biennale 2019 in The National Gallery of Singapore, which has various editions made for the Kinderbiënnales at Groninger Museum, Netherlands (2021), Staatliche Kunst Dresden Museum, Germany (2022), as well as for Singapore Art Museum: Tanjong Pagar Distripark (2022).

MAVEN x Justin Lee
Justin Lee is a visual artist and designer who represents the most Singapore esprit. He has participated in numerous artist-in-residence programs in Japan (Fukuoka, Studio Kura-2012/14, Itoshima Art Farm-2014, and Tokyo Youkobo-2013). After his graduation with a Diploma in Visual Arts (Fine Arts), he was one of the selected local artists trained at the Tyler Print Institute in New York.

Over the years, he has participated in numerous exhibitions held in Singapore and internationally (2000-2002) As one of Singapore's foremost pop artist whose design projects reflect a fine sense of contemporary design flavoured with an essence of Singapore traditions, Justin's work deserves accolades as both designer and artist. His approach to design is executed with current graphic fundamentals yet reflecting traditional techniques such as his on-going series based on paper-cutting and Chinese woodblock printing styles. The themes and imagery with which he interprets his commissioned design work underscore familiar Asian cultures with a delightful pop treatment that celebrates Asian values in an endearing tongue in cheek manner. The artist's background in graphic design has greatly inspired his concepts on consumerism. By questioning the purpose of things through the study of objects; purpose and given-meaning, acceptability in culture, its physical form, material made of and how the usage of object is applied in context of a community.

MAVEN x Aurèle Ricard
Aurèle Ricard, better known by his creative pseudonym of Aurèle LostDog, is a renowned French artist who has been gaining a lot of public attention in recent times for his sculpture and installation works.

Aurèle Ricard is primarily recognized for his Lost Dogs series, a collection of giant sculpted bull terriers that represent the displaced state of mankind. Huge in size and charming to look at, it’s quite surprising that the messages behind these sculptures are grim in nature – yet, that contradiction is one of the main reasons why these pieces are so interesting and attractive to viewers. Rarely do we have a chance to enjoy works with the distinct ability to both make us smile and feel worried, a hard-to-define feeling only a chosen few were able to successfully implement into their artworks over the last couple of decades.

MAVEN x Zhang Zhao Hui
Zhang Zhaohui's ink painting speaks its own language with infinite changes. It was released from the the harsh winter of ice , Looking for light under the regular lines, while the sparkling water refraction renders an attitude to life...

His ink breathes its very natural air between heaven and earth, becomes the messengers of the sky and land, The rhythm of nature's water makes ink abstraction life, It eloquently tells story among heaven, earth and people. During Covid crisis, Zhang Zhaohui was in residency in New York for long period and he transferred his style: reflection of water in colours. His paintings are more structured in a quest of meaningful thinking rather than ideographs. “The emptiness” of his painting, is also the Chinese philosophy, influenced most classic Chinese painters, give us a lot of space for better understanding our own life.

MAVEN x Leo, Liu Xuan Qi
Leo Liu Xuanqi (1977) is a Chinese contemporary artist, he lives and works in Singapore since 2010.

A graduate in Art & Design from Shanghai Publishing and Printing College ( The University of Shanghai for Science and Technology ) in 1999. He moved to Singapore in 2006 and left his decade long career as an Art director in design and advertising in 2009 to pursue art full-time. He was awarded Platinum Award at the 31st UOB Singapore Painting of the Year Competition for his artwork “Wandering Cloud”. Leo's works fuses modern graphics design elements with traditional painting techniques, achieving a sense of contrast in dynamic design versus still realism. His play on dualism and dialectics inspires reflection on the interaction between tradition and the contemporary, within this rapidly evolving world. He is inspired by history and society at large, often seeking to provoke his audience into thinking about contemporary issues facing humanity and the world around them. In 2009 his work is an ongoing reflection of personal identity embedded within popular culture. In his "Cloud" series, Leo plays with the idea of permanence and the temporal, and explores the tension that arises at the crossroads of rapid globalization. In 2012 he also made an important pivot towards fusing charcoal realism with POP Art paintings to manifest greater freedom in artistic imagination and expression. In 2014 he also begun to explore using contemporary styles to express traditional Chinese ink painting, bringing traditional ink into installation art to achieve an artistic breakthrough in uniqueness and style. Since 2010, he has held six solo exhibitions and participated in many international art fairs, such as Art Stage Singapore, Art Taipei, Hongkong Art Central, etc. His works are collected by private collectors and public institutions.

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