MAVEN x Lee Eunjung
‘We’ are not living alone in many things that exist. People who interact with each other are made up of 71 percent water and 18 percent carbon, 4 percent nitrogen, 2 percent calcium, 1 percent potassium, and a spoonful of rare elements. It is not that one person is born special, but sometimes he or she has something special and ordinary.

The artist reminded her of waves in this way like this. The waves are swept away. But even in that, one molecule, several properties, move vigorously in its own direction. A sea that is not special, the nature of water is the same as ours. As the waves hit the rocks, countless droplets of water cut through the air in the sky, but they go back into the waves. As if nothing had happened. A moment’s specialness draws attention, but it goes back into the crowd of cheers. Using scattered and combined structure and images, the artist talks about the form and relationship of society.

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