Landscape & Young Waves
MAVEN x Lee Juhee
Juhee Lee paints a fleeting moment that feels unfamiliar and special in the gaps between objects and spaces that pass by in common daily life.

The artist’s tree paintings, which have continued to work with trees as the foundation, started with healing their own inner problems. She receives a lot of comfort from seeing a tree that heals itself even after being scratched and keeps its places silently. You can feel the lyrical atmosphere through the branches and leaves expressed by layering colored pigments between the paper cut out in the shape of leaves. Furthermore, the artist carries out paper -cutting work that cuts out the landscape with a sharp blade, keeping in mind the landscape and atmosphere of the day. It is a useful tool for reinvention.

MAVEN x Yoon Doekhwan
Deokhwan Yoon creates a new space by recombining various traces from the beautiful impressions and afterimages of the landscape.

Stories exist in this space. It is an ordinary daily life and unfolds with small stories, but those moments come together to create one big story. In the utopia he created, we can dream and realize our ideals.

MAVEN x Choi Woo
Woo Choi’s work is life itself with happiness, and hardship.

His style of work is so diverse that it’s hard to define a particular trend or genre, but the way he talks is different, but the story he tells is the same. It’s hard and lonely life, but it’s about looking at life face to face and looking for hope there. The people, animals, plants, and objects in his work are all equal and beautiful, regardless of superiority or inferiority. And his works, which show unique materials by repeating erasure, show the original appearance and mind of each life. The artist’s work that fascinates us will be in his free-spirited, which shows the purest essence of life.

MAVEN x Kim Do Young
Doyoung Kim’s works are mainly about Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, and Hanok, the Korean traditional house.

The artist goes beyond reproducing the shape of the Hanok or expressing a scene of the landscape, and contains her thoughts, including the emotions given by the Hanok. That’s why people who see her paintings want to talk to Hanok and hope it to become the scenery in their mind again

MAVEN x Shunita
Shunita’s work begins by talking about human emotions and expressions, but also creating and imagining “beings” that deal with the emotions evoked in ourselves.

These “beings” live in the artist’s unique world, and work to solve complicated emotions or thoughts caused by obscurity of human world. Human life necessarily loses balance or is amorphous because of the existence of emotions, and this can be a gift or a punishment at the same time. The artist works are expressions of those experiences.

MAVEN x Yeo Heather
Heather Yeo’s painting embodies ordinary scenes from her daily life. The beginning of painting is the process of editing a scene from a photo taken with a camera.

The artist brings back the feelings of the moment and captures various emotions of the time. The edited images in the artist’s memory are expressed in their own bright colors, patterns, and various textures. By drawing various textures on one canvas, positive memories are solidified into works within the canvas. The artist hopes that the various emotions contained in this work will stay in someone’s memory for a long time.

MAVEN x Lee Eunjung
‘We’ are not living alone in many things that exist. People who interact with each other are made up of 71 percent water and 18 percent carbon, 4 percent nitrogen, 2 percent calcium, 1 percent potassium, and a spoonful of rare elements. It is not that one person is born special, but sometimes he or she has something special and ordinary.

The artist reminded her of waves in this way like this. The waves are swept away. But even in that, one molecule, several properties, move vigorously in its own direction. A sea that is not special, the nature of water is the same as ours. As the waves hit the rocks, countless droplets of water cut through the air in the sky, but they go back into the waves. As if nothing had happened. A moment’s specialness draws attention, but it goes back into the crowd of cheers. Using scattered and combined structure and images, the artist talks about the form and relationship of society.

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